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Valentine’s Day Top 10 Corgi Gifts for Corgi Lovers


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner – a day to celebrate love, drink champagne, and eat inflated price fixe dinners, am I right?  It seems that every year we’re under more and more pressure to make Valentine’s Day “perfect” for our significant other, but with everyone running around seeking the same version of perfection, individual preference and personality can get lost. Take Valentine’s gifts, for instance. There’s a reason florists jack up their prices this time a year – because everybody’s buying the same thing: a dozen red roses (yawn). Let’s face it -- flowers, candy, and balloons are nice, but not very imaginative at this time of year. This Valentine’s Day, why not break from the crowd and get your sweetheart something really unique? If you want to make your significant other feel really special, give a gift that shows not only your love for that person but your deep understanding of them as well. And what better way to show a Corgi lover you ‘get’ them than to present them with a one-of-a-kind Corgi gift?  To help you stand out from the crowd, we’ve compiled our Valentine’s Day top 10 Corgi gifts for Corgi lovers all in one place, so get ready to make your partner swoon, and dare we say, win Valentine’s Day.

  1. Say “Be Mine” with this fun and feisty Corgi Loaf Plush Pillow.


  1. Mix a love potion with this pretty, delicate lidded Corgi Mug and Spoon.


  1. Send your Valentine sweet Corgi dreams with this Corgi Dancing Pillow.


  1. Keep your paramour company with this Sitting Corgi Pillow.


  1. Hang around in the sweetest way with this Sitting Corgi Plush Charm.


  1. Show your Valentine your playful side with this Corgi Butt Charm.


  1. Say Hello Lover with this Corgi Phone Case.


  1. Stay golden with this Corgi Ziggy Gold Necklace.


  1. Win her heart with this Corgi Silver Necklace.


  1. Always have her ear with these Corgi Tricolor Ear Studs.

Have a wonderful, love-filled, celebration this year and don’t forget what you’re actually celebrating: each other!  Happy Valentine's Day!




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