Not only loving Corgis? Need more premium and unique options for pet loving friends?  

Check out our partner brand PET UTOPIA INC to browse over hundreds of delicate, premium and 100% hand-made pet figurines which can be perfect gift for your loved ones!


Pet Utopia is a brand selling high quality hand made figurine and status for people who love delicate and unique products. Our brand value artisan craftsmanship greatly. We have passion in producing original design products and dedicate great amount of time and effort in achieving perfection in all our products. 

Our company was established in early 2015 and have obtained many certifications validating our efforts in maintaining high quality product level. We have a talented team of sculptors, designers and 3D designers focusing on new product development. Two of them have art pieces that won the well known International Red Dot Award in Germany.

Our products have been loved and recognized by many customers such as Embassy of Switzerland in China, Tencent Games, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and many more. 

Our Product Value - The Work Done Behind Every Piece

Clay Sculpturing: Manual clay molding.

Carving: Seiko and realistic carving by professional master sculptor. Each mold takes average 10 days of hard work by master sculptor. All our sculptors are either hardcore pet lovers or had spent months studying every appearance detail and movement of different breed before taking on the carving task.

Silicone Mold Creation: The silicone mold perfectly captures all the detailed and fine lines of the carved clay sculpture to achieve high level of product quality and fineness.

Mold Filling: Each silicone mold could only be used to create 50 products to preserve the level of fineness.

Polishing: Each piece undergoes five more delicate polishing steps and coated with white base paint.

Coloring: In order to make the piece as realistic as possible with naturally transitioning color output, each piece will undergo at least 6 layers of painting hand painted by artists. The piece is then finished with a layer of color protective film paint.

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