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New Year, New Gear! Kick Off 2021 with Fresh Corgi Merch and More!

Happy 2021, Corgi Lovers! We hope the close of 2020 saw you ringing in the New Year safely, and that 2021 has been better in every way!  Here at, we’re excited to share some brand new items that you won’t find anywhere else - - some great Corgi merchandise, yes, but also a few other pieces highlighting different breeds - - check them out!


Sleeping Puppy Figurine: Look.At.This.Cuteness. Out of all breeds of puppies, Golden Retrievers have to rank up there at the tippy top, wouldn’t you agree? I mean, look at this. And this. Adorable! With this figurine, you can have all that golden puppy belly magic to look at anytime you want – on your desk, coffee table, nightstand…wherever you need a little reminder to smile, things aren’t so bad.


3D Corgi Light Switch Decoration: Has there ever been a cuter reminder to turn off the lights when you leave the room? We think not. Available in two styles, these smiling Corgis will greet you first thing in the morning and last thing at night - - guaranteeing a smile on your face at least twice a day!


Omelette Corgi Phone Case: Here to remind you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day: this eggggcellent iPhone case. Stylish and protective at the same time, this case is available sizes to fit four of the latest iPhone models.


Dachshund Tea Diffuser: A smile with every sip! This charming, unique Dachshund tea diffuser will delight any tea lover as it perches delicately on the cup’s rim to perfectly steep your favorite tea. Attractive and affordable – why not give one to your Dachshund-loving friend?


Fluffy Corgi Plush: Plush it real good! Snuggle up to this cuddly, soft Corgi plush and you will forget the problems of your day. This large-sized Corgi stuffy is the perfect size to huddle with on the couch during scary movie moments, or hold close as you drift off to slumberland. Hugs with this plushy are plentiful and free, so make sure to add it to your favorite lineup of Corgi things! 



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