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Corgi Gifts to Take You Back to School (COVID Edition)

Things might look a little different this school year, but what hasn’t changed is that it’s time to go back. Whether your studies take you into the classroom full-time, part-time, or via video, it’s important to keep self-care at the forefront of your routine no matter where your schooling takes you. One way to care for yourself is to treat yourself to some back-to-school items that will bring a little sunshine to your day. We can’t think of a better way to do that than to incorporate some fun Corgi products that will cheer you up while keeping you fashionably focused on your studies.


  1. Corgi/Shiba Buddy Backpack. Is it a Welsh Corgi? Is it a Shiba Inu? Is it both? Who cares! This roomy backpack is ambiguous in the most adorable way. Large enough for your laptop and necessary supplies, it’s ready to go whenever and wherever you desire.


  1. Corgi Pen Set. Be ready to take allll the notes with this set of two Corgi pens. Sporting not one, but two popular colors of Pembroke Welsh Corgis, these pens will help make those long lectures just a little less dreary.


  1. Corgi Pencil Case. Stash your Corgi pens and any other daily necessity in this handy Corgi pencil case. It’s sure to brighten your day any time you unzip it. Look closely - there’s an adorable smiling Corgi inside!


  1. Corgi Butt Charm. Can one ever have too many Corgi butt products? We think not. Attach this Corgi plush charm anywhere you need a pick-me-up: your backpack, cellphone, car keys, forehead (just checking that you’re still paying attention).


  1. Corgi Waterproof Backpack. Who says you need to stay inside to learn? Take your classroom outside and set up under a canopy of trees. This Corgi backpack will keep everything safe from the elements in two cute color choices.


We know your back-to-school experience will not be the same as last year, and very far from how you hoped it would look. But we hope you can see past the obstacles and discover opportunities that will enrich and fulfill your student life. In the meantime, focus on the things that make you happy - - like Corgi things!  We’re rooting for you – stay healthy and always keep your mind on the bright side.   




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