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Why We Love Corgis: Let Us Count the Ways

Anyone who has been around a Corgi can tell you there are many traits that inspire people’s passion for this lovable breed. Feisty, loyal, athletic, and mischievous are just a few words that come to mind when describing a Corgi’s personality. This past year, the Corgi has seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to the animated feature, “The Queen’s Corgi,” so with Corgis winning the attention of so many new fans, we thought it would be a great a time to break down the essence of what makes a Corgi a Corgi, and why we love them so much.

1. Corgis have a “royal pedigree.” As depicted in “The Queen’s Corgi,” Pembroke Welsh Corgis have been a favorite of Queen Elizabeth II since she was a small child. In fact, since the 1950s when she became Queen, more than 30 of the spirited little dogs have called her palace home. The last of the royal Corgis, Whisper, passed away in 2018, and the Queen is not planning to breed any more due to her advanced age.
2. Corgis are the perfect size. Measuring 10-12 inches at the withers and weighing in at 24-28lbs, Corgis can be a part of your household whether you live in a palace or an apartment. Since many travel destinations cap an allowable dogs’ size at 40lbs or under, you can easily take your Corgi with you to many places when you travel. Don’t let their compact size fool you - - Corgis have big personalities and definitely don’t see themselves as little - - they are the personification of small but mighty!
3. Corgis are hardy and low maintenance. Originally bred to be cattle herding dogs, Corgis are quick and have lots of stamina. They love work and exercise, making them fun companions to take to the dog park (watch them whip bigger dogs into line!) or play a game of fetch (don’t dawdle with the ball or they’ll tell you about it!). At the end of a vigorous play session, their course coat only needs a quick once-over with the brush to stay looking its best.
4. That Corgi spunk. Corgis will keep you laughing with their huge smiles and sassy ways. Corgis’ herding instincts make them inherently strong-willed (dare we say bossy), but they are so charming we tend to forgive their cheeky ways. With consistency and training, the Corgi’s tendency towards pushiness can be tempered, but they will always want to be top dog.
5. Corgis are just the cutest. From their sparkly eyes to their pointy ears to their foxy little faces, how can you not fall in love with their adorable looks? And that’s just when they’re facing your direction. When they turn and run on their short little legs and that floofy, fluffy Corgi butt is working its magic, that’s a whole other level of cuteness.

What first drew you to the Corgi breed? Now that you know them better, what do you love most about your Corgi? Tell us in comments!


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