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Traveling With Your Corgi - 7 Tips for a Successful Getaway

With school out and summertime in full swing, many people’s minds are focused on planning a road trip or weekend getaway. If you’re like us, you’ll want to bring your best Corgi friend with you – after all, they’re part of the family too. Taking your Corgi along when you travel does involve making a few extra plans, but it's worth it to be able to bond together over new adventures. To make traveling with your Corgi that much easier, here are seven tips to help ensure a successful getaway.

  1. Double Check with your vet before you travel.

Corgis who've had health issues in the past may not be good candidates for travel. In these instances, boarding may be the best choice. Even healthy Corgis may require a variety of items before flying or road trips. Depending on your destination, your Corgi may need extra vaccines or health certificates in order to travel. Your vet can help you determine which, if any, additional steps to take.

  1. Pack ample food and water for your Corgi’s trip. 

Grocery and supply stores along your route may not stock the right food, so make sure to pack enough with you to last the length of your trip. Also, pack water in refillable containers for replenishing when needed. And don’t forget to pack water and food bowls for serving on the road.

  1. Traveling long distances in the car with your Corgi? Practice makes perfect.

Many Corgis are comfortable riding around town in your car as these are often quick trips that can sometimes lead to fun. Long road trips, however, can be an entirely different matter. A good way to ensure your trip goes smoothly is to do some practice runs. Take your Corgi on a longer ride than normal and have them sit where they would during the trip. How they behave will tell you how they'll react to the real trip out-of-town. It's important to remember that some Corgis, like people, can get carsick - a critical piece of information to have before taking your pet on a long journey. And remember, temperatures in a car, even with windows cracked and A/C blasting can spike to deadly highs in the summertime so NEVER, EVER, leave your Corgi in the car when you’re not right there with him.

  1. For your Corgi's safety, and yours, use a restraint when traveling.

You use a seatbelt for your own safety when riding in a car, don’t you? Then why wouldn’t you use the same precaution for your precious Corgi? In an accident, or even when trying to avoid one, braking suddenly or sustaining an impact will send objects in your car flying. If your Corgi isn’t using a pet safety restraint, he could be the flying object causing injury to himself and to you. There are many affordable options for dog harnesses and pet safety restraints for the car. Do your research and get one that’s right for your Corgi so you can both travel safely.

  1. When traveling with your Corgi, make time for play and potty.

A lot of what makes road trips fun are the interesting stops along the way. Stop every 2-3 hours to give your Corgi the chance to stretch, walk and potty. Bring a favorite ball or toy and take a few minutes to incorporate training, play, and running. Find out if there are dog parks or safe places to run along your route. This will make travel interesting and fun for your Corgi.

  1. Traveling with your Corgi by air? Know the rules.

There are regulations and fees associated with flying with a pet. Some airlines allow you to bring your pet into the cabin; some don't. Similarly, not all airlines have the same track records for safely transporting pets who travel in cargo. Make sure you research this carefully and feel comfortable about your choice before you fly. Most airlines have information about traveling with pets right on their websites, but it's best to call and talk to a representative to make sure you clearly understand the procedures involved. Often you will have to book pet travel directly with a representative of the airline anyway.

  1. Always, but especially when traveling, your Corgi should wear ID.

Safeguard your Corgi from the unthinkable. Invest the time to chip and register or update your Corgi's registration, and make sure your Corgi wears a collar and tag with your current phone number on it at all times. (Since you're traveling, it should be a number that travels with you, such as a cell phone.)

Last but not least, have fun! See new sights, sniff new things, pee on things, and enjoy all this great, big, world has to offer with your best Corgi pal at your side.



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5 thoughts on “Traveling With Your Corgi - 7 Tips for a Successful Getaway

  1. avatar Natalie says:

    Hi Janice, depending on the seat size, I believe that that corgis can’t fit under the seats due to its size, and most of the time they have to travel by cargo hold of the plane. Rules differ from airline to airline, so be sure to contact them before buying the tickets!

  2. avatar Natalie says:

    Hi QP, if you’re planning to travel internationally, a tip that I can recommend is to have your forms ready, such as health certificates or proof of vaccinations. Make sure that you check with each airline’s website to confirm before booking a flight. Safety regulations differ from country to country, so be sure to double check! Dogjaunt is a pretty good website for travelling with your furry friend, here is a link to their website— Hope it helps!

  3. avatar QP says:

    So what is the international flight you can travel with your corgi on board?

  4. avatar Janice Mariano Udarbe says:

    Where you able to fly with your corgi in the cabin as shown in your last pic above? I was looking for a soft carrier but I don’t think they would fit under the seats.

  5. avatar Peggy says:

    Thank you for the travel tips. Part of pet owner responsibility is ensuring their safety.

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