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Top Ten Valentine's Gifts For Corgi Lovers

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, Corgi Lovers, and you know what that means - - candy, flowers, restaurant reservations…  Time to pull out all the stops on the road to romance for that special someone in your life! As fellow Corgi lovers, we’re happy to help with Corgi gifts for every budget that will give them warm fuzzies, set their hearts racing, and everything in between. Here are our top ten Corgi Valentine’s gifts for the Corgi Lover in your life.

  1. Keep thoughts of you close to their heart with this sweet sterling silver Corgi necklace.
  2. Give them a symbol of your love to grow in this adorable Corgi plant pot. Available in two styles.
  3. Snuggle up with your sweetheart in this cute Plushy Corgi blanket. Choose small or large according to how snuggly you want to get.
  4. Is that a love song I hear? Stow their ear buds in style with this endearing Corgi butt air pods case. Your choice of grey or cream.
  5. Make sure your sweetheart gets their beauty sleep with this delightful Corgi sleeping eye mask. Two styles available for your snoozing pleasure.                
  6. They will never lose their keys again with this darling Corgi keychain buddy. Available in four adorable styles: bee, crab, unicorn and dinosaur.
  7. Earn your credentials as favorite person ever by gifting this Corgi cardholder and lanyard.                                         
  8. If you love someone, keep them hydrated with this holographic Unicorg Plastic Water Tumbler. Available in pink or blue.
  9. Dazzle your dearest with this elegant Pixelated Corgi Pin.
  10. Bestow them with the ultimate token of your affection with this exquisite Pixelated Corgi Necklace.

 We hope you find the perfect Corgi gift for your perfect Corgi lover among these unique items. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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One thought on “Top Ten Valentine's Gifts For Corgi Lovers

  1. avatar Cynthia Lasley. says:

    The pixilated jewelry is so cute!!!

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