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Tips to Keep Your Corgi's Shedding in Check

In much of the world, “Shedding Season” occurs in the spring, when temperatures warm for the first time after a long winter.  If you’re a Corgi owner living in a warm climate, you know that “Shedding Season” is a cruel misnomer, as Corgis’ coats never really seasonally adjust due to the lack of – well – seasons. But summertime with its spiking temperatures can be particularly bad, causing your Floofy Butt’s floofy tufts to come out in double the volume. Luckily, no matter where you live there are steps you can take to minimize the amount of Corgi DNA on your floors and furniture and keep your Corgi more comfortable at the same time. Here are our best tips to keep your Corgi's shedding in check this summer and all year long.


1.  While it is always important to keep your Corgi well-groomed for the health and happiness of both you and your pet, during the higher volume shedding months it becomes absolutely essential.  Daily brushing of your Corgi not only reduces the amount of hair left on your furniture, clothes, and floors, it also protects against matting (which can be painful to your Corgi) and helps to keep the coat healthy by eradicating dirt and redistributing natural oils.  Plus, your Corgi probably enjoys being brushed (gently) so why not take this opportunity to turn the ritual into a daily bonding experience?

"Nayo's daughter smoothie" 

2. Bathe your Corgi at least once a week with a shampoo formulated just for him (don’t use people shampoo – Corgis have different skin pH than humans).  Make sure to rinse your Corgi thoroughly and towel dry. You can then brush your pet as his coat dries in order to remove the hair that was loosened by shampooing.

3.  Most professional groomers have anti-shedding treatments for dogs that include special shampoos and tools that get to the stubborn undercoat without causing discomfort to your Corgi.  Many well-known pet supply chains have grooming services that provide these special treatments at surprisingly affordable prices.  Consider getting your pet professionally groomed towards the beginning of Shedding Season so that you can more easily maintain your Corgi’s coat at home. 

4.  Your professional groomer most likely uses a FURminator or similarly styled tool to gently extract loose undercoat from your pet. Purchase your own FURminator for use at home to keep your Corgi’s shedding at bay between groomings.


Keep your Corgi's Shedding in Check and they will be like this everyday! 


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2 thoughts on “Tips to Keep Your Corgi's Shedding in Check

  1. avatar Natalie says:

    The pet’s fur coats act like insulation— while it keeps him from getting too cold in the winter, it aslo keeps him from overheating in the summer. Here is a site that you can refer to, . Hope it helps!

  2. avatar Sandy Jackson says:

    Can I trim my fluffy down some to keep her cool

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