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The most famous Corgi-lover: Queen Elizabeth

As most of the corgi lovers know, Queen Elizabeth is the very well know corgi-lover around the world. However, do you know the facts below that are related to Queen Elizabeth and her corgis?  

1. Queen Elizabeth's corgis eat gourmet meal created by a chef. 

To most corgis, dry food are their daily routine meals, canned wet food will make them wiggle their short and not even in existence tails crazily, however, is that the life for all corgis? No. The Queen's Corgis are fed promptly at 5p.m. each night and dine on a filet of steak and chicken breast that has been specially prepared by a assigned chef. The recipe, made of all fresh ingredients, is created everyday and delivered to kitchen. The meals are hand delivered by a footman but sometimes, the Queen herself will feed them with her own efforts. 

2. No jokes on Queen's Corgis

Queen Elizabeth does not allow pranks on her pets. What will happen if you do? In 1999, a footman "was demoted for spiking the dogs" food with whiskey and fin as a practical joke." Think it twice. 

3. Even Queen Elizabeth walk her Corgis everyday!

Tired of walking your corgis? Just imagine you are Queen Elizabeth and go walk your corgis! After corgis receive their lunch, the Queen takes her pack out for their second walk of the day around the grounds of Buckingham Palace. Their first one, when they wake in the morning, is accompanied by a footman. 

4. Queen Elizabeth spoils her Corgis at Christmas. 

The Queen Elizabeth make stocking for each of her beloved corgis each year for the Christmas season! She fills them with toys and treats fit for a royal pup. Start thinking about what you should get for your corgis this year? 

5. No rules for her Corgis

Royal families members always have too many rules to follow? Not the same case for Queen's corgis! They cock their legs and do what Corgis do wherever they want, regardless if it is an antique furniture or priceless carpets. The fact is royal staffers have blotting paper on hand all the time in case of accidents. 

6. They travel in together and in style

Ever thinking about bringing your corgi with you on every trip? Ever thinking about bringing your corgi with you on your honeymoon? Queen Elizabeth loved her corgi so much that she brought her first pup on her honeymoon in 1947! The first corgi was introduced to Palace in 1933 and they have been present ever since. For her 18th birthday in 1944, Elizabeth got her first corgi - Susan and she sneaked her in the luggage and brought her to honeymoon with Phillip. 

7. The royal Corgi bloodline

For half a century, all of the 88-year-old royal's Corgis descended from her first pup Susan. In 2009, she made the decision to cease breeding after two of her favorite dogs succumbed to cancer. 

SO, it is not true that my friends who own a corgi and I are special because we spoil our corgis too much, everyone who has a corgi will do the same. Don't believe it? Get a corgi. 


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