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NAYO's life story 1 - The arrival

On 24 Feb, 2016, 6 fluffy corgi babies arrived onto this world. 3 boys and 3 girls. Guess what, I am the boy with the biggest head, so I must be smart!

Well, mummy said I am the smartest and most handsome one among all of them! She won't lie to me!

Anyways, I wasn't special in the first 3 month of my life. Everything changed when I was seperated from my brothers and sisters, placed into a small travel carrier and loaded onto a bus. 

I was worried about my destiny. Where am I going?! Am I abandoned by my owner?! I even imagined that I am going be thrown onto the street alone! I don't even know how to read traffic light yet.....

After a 5 hours long trip, I was unloaded from the bus. Then, I heard a super exciting voice shouting "Finally, my baby is here! ". The voice sounded like an 16 year old kid. The truth is, I saw a young lady, who has long purple hair and fair skin, sprinting towards me. That was pretty scary to some seemed that she couldn't control herself over my overwhelming cuteness. I knew I am super cute but this is too

This crazy girl, is my new mummy which I am going to love for the rest of my life. 

She immediately took me out of the carrier, fed me water and food. On the way to my new home, she hugged me and pat me all the time to calm me down. And....I peed on her.....for the first time. Task completed. 

Mummy brought me to animal hospital first to get me all checked up and got me some vaccine. I was really scared and mummy kept a really hilarious video of me during the injections. I could not help myself to laugh so hard every time I watch that again. I felt so dumb and that video totally ruined my handsome image that my girlfriend has always been admiring me for. I am so going to delete that from my mummy's phone someday. After the checkup, I was so exhausted and I fell asleep with unglamorous poses. My puppy time is my nightmare. 

When I reached my ne home, everything was ready for me! A light blue cage for me to sleep with matching mat and water bottle. Whole basket of toys and treats I have never seen in my life and 3 huge friends ( Germany shaped, golden retriever and Tibetan mastiff). They are way bigger than me but I am not afraid of them because I am mummy's new favorite! I am the King in the house now! Muhahaha~~ 


( Interested to know more about my life? stay tuned!)


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