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Our 5 Favorite Corgi Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner but it’s not too late to grab that perfect Corgi gift for the Corgi-loving man in your life! We have a huge selection of Corgi gifts available for you to choose from year round, but to save you valuable time, we’ve handpicked some of the most popular just in time for Father’s Day. Both best-loved and best-selling, here are our 5 favorite Corgi gifts for that special Corgi dad!

1. Corgi Butt 3D Hand Rest Mouse Pad.  An adorable and fun-loving addition to any Corgi lover’s office space, this Corgi Butt hand rest has unique 3D construction that lets you rest your wrist on the Corgi’s moneymaker – that one-of-a-kind floofy butt!  Guaranteed to make him smile while warding off wrist fatigue at the same time, we can’t think of a more perfect way to say, “Thanks Corgi Dad!”

 2. Corgi Butt Car Pillow.  He will love resting his weary noggin on this cozy Corgi butt-shaped car pillow. A coveted gift for every Corgi lover, this car pillow can also double as a neck pillow when he travels, or he can use it to support his back at the office. Anywhere he needs a little Corgi support, this pillow will fit the bill!

3.  “Corki” Bottle Stopper.  It’s not drinking alone if your Corgi is there! Delight the wine-drinking Corgi lover in your life with this Corgi-shaped bottle stopper. The only Corgi gift that also keeps wine fresh and drinkable like the cork just popped, the Corki will delight casual sippers and connoisseurs alike.

4.  JEKCA Welsh Corgi DIY Brick Kit.  Does he like puzzles? Live for crosswords? Tinkers around in the shop for hours? Then this DIY Corgi kit is perfect for him. He’ll have hours of fun putting it together and earn bragging rights when he shows it off. Plus, once assembled, this Corgi gift is both a conversation-starter and an art piece that will surely be the envy of his Corgi-loving friends.

5.  Corgi Sport Towel.  Whether used at the health club as a gym towel or just around the house while working, this Corgi Sport Towel makes a stylish statement.  At over two feet long and a little over twelve inches wide, there is plenty of surface area to mop up after workouts, but its handsome design might just make it a permanent decorative fixture in his kitchen or bathroom.



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