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Not Going Anywhere for a While? Spruce Up Your Space with Cozy Corgi Decor

We hope you’re staying healthy and following all the guidelines designed to keep everyone safe through this unprecedented health crisis. For some of us, weeks of staying home and looking at the same four walls have triggered a bit of cabin fever. Luckily in these days of advanced connectivity, even if we’re stuck at home, we can still get practically everything we want at the click of a mouse. So why not use this extra time at home to spruce up your space with some mood-enhancing Corgi décor?

First things first - are you comfortable? Not as comfy as you could be if you were wearing these warm Corgi Butt Slippers. Ah, that’s better. Ok, let’s proceed.

When was the last time you showered? Be honest. Ok, look, just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean personal hygiene has to go out the window. Please bathe. And when you’re done, hang your towel on this adorable Corgi Towel Hook. Doesn’t that feel better?

While we’re in the bathroom, let’s continue with the cozy theme. How about this soft, cushy Corgi Butt Toilet Seat Cover? It will make for a wonderfully cozy spot from which to sit and contemplate all that toilet paper you hoarded. (You didn’t, did you?) Moving on.


You might be saving gas or bus fare from being home all the time, but I’m willing to bet you’re creating much more laundry. Keep it tidy until it’s time to wash with this Corgi Laundry Basket. Scrub a dub.

Just because no one’s coming to visit doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this Corgi Door Mat. Put it inside your house and use it as a kitchen or bath mat, or keep it outside your front door for you to enjoy on those rare occasions when you leave and come back. Welcome back home. 

Finally, when it’s time to end a full day of making numerous taxing journeys from your couch to your fridge and back, tuck yourself into bed and snuggle up with this Large Corgi Plushy. At least you can dream of life returning to normal.

Until we can all be together again, stay safe, Corgi Lovers!



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