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NEW! One-Of-A-Kind Gifts for Shiba Inu Lovers

While we LOVE our Corgis here at, we have room in our hearts for pets of all kinds. And although we don’t breed discriminate, we think one breed in particular rates high on the charm chart – the inimitable Shiba Inu. These clever creatures have won the hearts of dog lovers everywhere with their independent spirit, meticulous hygiene, and iconic good looks that have people continually asking:  Is that a fox or a dog? 

Notoriously headstrong, the Shiba Inu nevertheless has a cult-like following precisely due to its un-doglike characteristics. For instance, if I said an animal was “aloof” and an “obsessive groomer,” you would probably think of a cat. If I told you an animal was “solitary” and had a “strong prey drive,” you might think of a wolf. But the enigmatic creature that encompasses all of these traits, the fox-cat-wolf magical unicorn of the canine world, is the Shiba Inu.

And if you love Shiba Inus like we love Shiba Inus, have we got a treat for you! Brand new to is our latest collection of Shiba Inu gifts that you won’t find anywhere else, hand-curated for all the Shiba Inu lovers in your life.

For all the times your Shiba Inu ignores your direction and reduces you to tears, may we present this Shiba Tissue Holder. Better grab a couple – you’ll need them!

Your Shiba Inu wants nothing to do with your affection. Cuddle this adorable Shiba Outfit Plushy instead. Keep it next to your tissue holder for a double dose of comfort when your real Shiba shuns you.

Look great coming and going with this adorable Shiba Buddy Backpack. If only your IRL Shiba always had your back, huh? 

Keep your unrequited Shiba love close to your heart with this sweet little Shiba Head Charm.

Yet another inanimate object that will show you more love than your Shiba, snuggle this Shiba Chubs Plushy instead. 

Show everyone you meet you’re in a one-sided relationship with your Shiba (and fine with it!) with this stylish Shiba Buddy Sling Bag.

World Traveler, Dog Lover, Unpaid Shiba Slave are just a few names you can use to describe yourself on this Cute Shiba Luggage Tag

    Of course, you know we’re having a little fun playing up stereotypical Shiba traits. In reality, Shiba Inus are as affectionate and loyal as any other dog, if a bit pickier. That makes you all the more special for earning their love, so show your Shiba pride!





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