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New Animated Movie, The Queen’s Corgi, Celebrates One Royal Stinker of a Dog

If you’re a Corgi lover and haven’t heard the news that Lionsgate is releasing a feature-length animated movie about a Corgi, slowly make your way from under that rock – I’ll wait. Seriously, though, the much-anticipated movie about a mischievous little floofbutt named Rex will be hitting theaters very soon.

Celebrating the historic bond between Queen Elizabeth and the breed she adores, The Queen’s Corgi tells the story of a young Corgi named Rex whose hijinks turns the royal palace upside down and eventually gets him lost from his royal home and family. I won’t give away all the spoilers, but suffice it to say that Rex has more than one adventure on his way from ‘gone missing’ to ‘royal hand kissing.’

In honor of this adorable film that we can’t wait to see, we’re stocking up on a few of our favorite Corgi gifts and accessories so we can be all kitted out and fully into the fierce Corgi spirit we all know and love. If you’re a Corgi lover and don’t have a Corgi butt car pillow (how can you not have a Corgi butt car pillow?) get yours now, and throw in a Corgi sticker or Corgi door mat for good measure. Corgi lovers and Corgi fans will love these Corgi-themed gifts, starting with:


  1. The best and most adorable car pillow of all time: the Corgi Butt Car Pillow. Pull your head out, and then ease it back into this one-of-a-kind Corgi butt headrest cushion.


  1. Identify your tribe with this Corgi Embroidered Pin/Press -On Sticker. They see your pin and they see you coming, if you get my meaning.


  1. Show the world just where your loyalties lie with this Corgi Head Door Mat. “Whose house? Floof’s house!


  1. Decorate your space with this Corgi Plush Charm. Hang it on your handbag, your front door, your rearview mirror – anywhere you want to cause a Corgi frenzy.


  1. VIP (Very Important Pillow): Giant Winking Corgi Pillow. Why is this Very Important? Because when you’re watching the movie and something sad or scary happens, you’ll need something to hug. You might not know the person sitting next to you, so trust us, this is better.


Are you going to see The Queen’s Corgi? Let us know what you think about it – we’ll bring the popcorn.




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