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Nayo Presents L.A.’s First Corgi-Themed, Soufflé Pancake Café!

Nayo the Corgi is thrilled to announce our partnership with Café, a new collaboration that combines two exciting firsts: the first comprehensively Corgi-themed café in the U.S., and the first soufflé pancake coffee shop in Los Angeles!

If you’ve never heard of soufflé pancakes, trust us; you’ll be hearing a lot more about this next wave of fabulous food trends in the future. The origin of the soufflé pancake is a little murky, but it’s reported they were first created in Hawaii in 1974 and introduced in Japan in 2010. From there, soufflé pancake shops began popping up all over Japan before coming back to the states, opening in New York, and now - -  hoorah!  - - Los Angeles.  

But what are soufflé pancakes, and why the craze? Well, imagine if you could pluck the fluffiest cloud from the sky, stuff it full of delicious filling and then top it with syrup, fruit, powdered sugar, or all three. You’d eat that, right?  Soufflé pancakes aren’t technically made from clouds, of course. The cloud-like texture comes from whipping egg whites into meringue before combining them with other ingredients and steaming or cooking. The result is an inches-thick pancake with a custard-like center and golden brown exterior. Heaven.  And if that weren’t enough to entice you, dear Corgi Lover, these delicious treats are served up Nayo-style in an ambiance of Corgi cuteness.  

Only at Café can you feast on menu items hand-selected (paw-selected?) by Nayo the Corgi and the inimitable Smoothie. This curated Corgi Lover Menu includes Nayo faves like the Salty Egg Yolk Soufflé Pancake as well as yummy drinks to wash them down with like the Nayo Americano and Smoothie’s Summer Kiss. Even more exciting, Café features our official Nayo the Corgi products in store. Get the best of both worlds by ordering Nayo’s Favorite – a combo that includes one pancake, one drink, and a Corgi Mystery Box that contains one of four sweet Corgi figurines. Take a bite – delicious! Open the box – adorable! It’s too good – we can’t stand it!

Now is the point in the blog where we tell you where and when you can get your Corgi-themed, soufflé pancake feast on. Café and Nayo the Corgi cordially invite you to come join us for opening day specials and other great surprises at the Grand Opening! Bring your appetite and share your pics with us on Instagram @nayo0224 and @cafeder_la.

See you there!  

Nayo the Corgi at Café Grand Opening
October 13 12:00pm
1411 S. Garfield Ave. #101
Alhambra, California


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One thought on “Nayo Presents L.A.’s First Corgi-Themed, Soufflé Pancake Café!

  1. avatar Allen Barkau says:

    I am a Corgi parent and can’t wait to come and enjoy your cafe.

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