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Kick Off Summer With A Corgi Campout

The three-day Memorial Day Weekend was the official to start to summer, and although your plans may look a little different than before a worldwide pandemic broke out, that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a summer filled with fun and adventure! Maybe you won’t be taking that European beach vacation or cruising the Bahamas, but staying close to home can still be a highlight of your summer season. Make the most of your homebound status by grabbing your best furriend and have your own Corgi campout at home!

How, you ask? First, set up your “camp site.” If you have a backyard, you can designate a nice corner to pitch a tent, or arrange comfy cushions and sleeping bags.

No yard? No tent? No problem! Push furniture together on your patio or living room, fort-style. If you need some ideas on how to make a fort, IKEA has helpfully published a guide to fort-making using objects you already have around the house. Decorate your fort with twinkly lights, lamps for reading, cozy blankets, and don’t forget to make a special space for your Corgi with his bed, blanket, and a few favorite toys.

Next, fire up the grill because it’s time for campout treats! This festive Corgi Apron will help you get in the spirit of a true grill master while protecting your clothes from spills. In three lovely colors, you might just need one of each: pink for baking, blue for cooking, and green for grilling, am I right?

Corgi apron that is versatile, durable, and easy to use for your everyday cooking and baking

And what will you be serving your campout guests this evening? Burgers? Dogs? Shish kebobs?  The options and recipes are endless. We know one thing, though. Dessert will definitely be adorable.

Delight yourself and your “guests” by serving these Corgi Marshmallows in hot chocolate, cappuccino, or the perennial campout favorite, s’mores! Usually not available for sale, these marshmallows are the same ones served at the famous souffle pancake house, Café, so grab a few bags now before they sell out!

Now that your tummy is full of delicious food and marshmallow goodness, it’s time to get out of those street clothes and into something more comfortable. How about these adorably cozy Corgi pajamas? Complete with a Corgi shaped hood with ears, you’ll stay cute and cozy, head to toe.

Corgi Pajama for your work from home outfit

Snuggle in with your Corgi buddy and watch a movie, tell ghost stories, play games, or just dedicate some one-on-one cuddle time with lots of pets and scratches. You can even incorporate lounging and playing with this exclusive Corgi Ball Pillow, a pillow filled with small plushy Corgi balls that you can use for a supervised game of fetch while you Netflix and chill.

Use the corgi balls as a play toy for your dog and also hug the pillow while working at home. Perfect for a graduation gift

For more great ideas on how to have a successful campout, or ideas on various corgi gifts, check out this guide from Buzzfeed.  Have you done a home campout before? Was it successful? Let us know in comments, and share any other home campout tips or tricks!


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