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6 Corgi Gifts to Help You Beat the Back-to-School Blues


It’s mid-September, the time of year when summer winds down, vacations wrap up, and reality starts to set back in. Schools and universities are back in session, bringing with them the stress of daily student life. But you know what they say about all work and no play – essentially, that it sucks. So why not inject a bit of fun into your academic year with some whimsical items featuring your favorite furry friend? Here are 6 Corgi gifts that are sure to help you beat the back-to-school blues.

  •  Save your back and shoot to the head of the class when you haul all those big-brain books around in this stylish Corgi backpack. It even features a secret Corgi surprise - - take a look!

  • Backpacks not your thing? Fit everything you need for class and beyond in this roomy Corgi canvas tote bag. Perfect for your laptop, lunch, shopping, and as a weekend getaway bag, too!

  •  A tidy bag is the sign of a tidy mind. Keep everything organized with this coordinating Corgi pouch. Just the right size for cosmetics, pencils, loose change and ID – no more searching around for loose items in the bottom of your purse or tote bag.

  •  Note to self: getting through lectures is much less depressing when you have your pick of three cute Corgi pens to take notes with. Buy a few extra packs and spread instant joy to those classmates who forgot their pens that day.

  • Bare is boring. Give your books, locker, or dorm walls a lift by decorating with these colorful Corgi stickers. A memorable way to let others know, you “were here.”

  • Stave off the “freshman fifteen,” and beat the blues at the same time by getting those endorphins pumping! This waterproof Corgi drawstring bag is the perfect companion to the gym or the pool, or use as a soiled laundry bag to keep clothes separated during a weekend getaway, available in pink, red, blue and black.

No matter what you’re studying this year, do it like a Corgi would. Work hard; stay cute!


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