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Collaboration with JEKCA - Building Blocks for Kidults

JEKCA - Building Blocks for Kidults


JEKCA, a brand from Hong Kong, may be your next challenge on building blocks. You can assemble these artistic building blocks sculptures with our kits. We have created 6 new Tuxedo Cat items this time and many more sculptures are coming.

JEKCA has a patented technology which helps create these complex structures. These cats are like real sculptures and will not collapse or break apart. No glue is needed and the procedures are reversible and straightforward. A detailed step by step manual is included in package.


JEKCA - Corgi Collection

JEKCA has a great list product range devoted specific for Corgi and that is exactly what NAYOTHECORGI has been looking for. As a ultimate corgi lover, the CEO of NATYOTHECORGI has always wanted to bring all corgi related products to one place. Her mission is to create the biggest platform gathering all high quality corgi themed products available for corgi lovers in just one place. Whatever corgi lovers could get from other platforms, they can get them here; whatever corgi lovers could not get from other platforms, they could still get them here. Keeping here mission in mind, she reached out to the JEKCA team and initiated this collaboration. 

Now, the Corgi collection available at JEKCA is available at NAYOTHECORGI, too! Nearer and faster for customers in the US! 


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