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A Season for Giving: 7 Ways You and Your Corgi Can Give Back This Holiday

It’s December and the spirit of the holidays is coming on strong. Parties, presents, festive attire, delicious food… Perhaps the best thing about the holiday season, though, is the spirit of giving it inspires. Nothing makes you feel so good as when you’re doing something nice for someone else. That’s why we were inspired to brainstorm activities you can participate in with friends, family, and your favorite little floof. Enjoying quality time with those you love is a gift in itself, wouldn’t you agree? Here’s 7 great ways both you and your Corgi can give back this holiday season.  

  • Throw a festive Neighborhood “Bark” Party. You have block parties in the summertime, why not take the same idea and incorporate your Corgi and other furry friends? Ask your neighbors to participate by making treats for people and pups, and gather everyone in a central location on your street. Dress warmly and festively, play holiday music and have interactive games for kids and adults to play with the dogs. If it’s too cold to gather outside, leash up your pups and have a progressive snack party where you stop at each participating neighbor’s house for doggy and human treats. (This activity is for well-socialized dogs only.) 
  •  Collect items for needy pets. Local shelters, rescues, and even veterinary offices are always in need of items such as towels and blankets to make their residents more comfortable (these can be used as long as they’re clean). They can also use other items such as food, treats, and toys. Oftentimes they will post their needs online, or you can call and ask what is most needed at that time. Make this a fun activity by leaving colorful fliers with your neighbors and friends, listing items needed and telling them you will return on a certain day and time period to collect donations. If the donor is willing, snap a pic of them donating their items and post it on your social accounts, tagging the shelter or rescue you are donating to. This is a great way to thank the donor, get some exposure for the shelter, and encourage others to get involved in the same way.


  • Go caroling with your own holiday pet parade. Give a neighborhood a good old-fashioned holiday treat by getting a group of people and their dogs to go caroling house to house. Dress in festive attire and outfit your Corgi in holiday-themed dog attire.


  • Volunteer to take pictures of pets at your local shelter. Bring your own holiday props to make the pics more festive and attractive to adopters. Post pics on your social channels to remind people that adopted pets make wonderful holiday additions to those households who are looking to add a pet to their family.
  • Donate pet food and treats from your Corgi to Meals on Wheels. Meals on Wheels provides pet food as well as human food to seniors and shut-ins. Make little gift cards to put on your donated pet food that says, “Happy Holidays from [your dog’s name].”
  • Make care packages for military dogs. There are hundreds of dogs representing their country along with their human counterparts. Organizations that handle care packages to military dogs can be found online. A nice gesture would be to include a letter to the dog’s handler along with a pic of your Corgi. Sign the letter from you and your Corgi, and don’t forget to thank them for their service.
  • If you have enough time, get your Corgi certified as a therapy dog and:
  • Volunteer at an airport with your Corgi as a comfort dog. Your Corgi can help de-stress passengers by showing up, being cute and allowing himself to be petted and loved on.
  • Volunteer as a therapy dog at a hospital.
  • Places you may not need to have your dog certified to visit (call and inquire):
    • Rest homes/convalescent centers/retirement homes
    • Veterans facilities


From all of us to all of you:  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



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