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A Corgi Lover’s Dream Café Where You Can Snuggle a Dozen Corgis

You may know Thailand as a destination for gorgeous beaches, delicious cuisine, and great shopping, but we’ve discovered yet another reason to visit this ultra-affordable vacation spot - -  Corgis!!  That’s right – a small café in Bangkok is becoming a must-do for Corgi lovers due to their unique staff – a dozen adorable Welsh Pembroke Corgis.

This Corgi café is the brainchild of Tanchanok Kanawaong, whose pet Corgis had an oversized litter of puppies. From there, she told the NY Post, an idea was sparked that turned into a business plan. Why not share the adorable antics of her Corgi family with fellow Corgi lovers?

And so, Corgi in the Garden was born. Starting at $12USD, patrons can get a drink and a 90-minute session with 12 roly-poly bundles of adorable Corginess. During the sessions, patrons can pet, play with, and otherwise engage with the dozen adorable dogs. As much fun as this sounds, Kanawaong is careful not to overtax her beloved pets. Only 22 people at a time are allowed into the café, and only three 90 minute sessions are scheduled per day with an hour rest period for the Corgis after each session. It seems to be working well for all involved, judging by all the smiles.

It’s hard to believe, but up until a few years ago, the popularity of Corgis as pets was in decline. Thanks to the wildly successful television show, The Crown, and the release of the movie, “The Queen’s Corgi,” people have once again taken notice of the Corgi’s sparkly personality and embraced them as a highly desired family pet. Kanawaong recognized the ability of Corgis to make people happy when she started her café. “They’re funny dogs, like their appearances, short and stubby,” she said.  “And I also like their laughable characteristics as well, they’re so funny.”

            Funny, cute, and lovable – what more could you ask for in a dining partner? Have you packed your bags yet?


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