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7 Hot Weather Tips to Keep Your Corgi Safe this Summer

It’s Summer! Time for pool parties, barbeques, trips to the beach and more dangers for your Corgi.  That’s right – as wonderful as summertime is with carefree days and balmy nights, the rise in temperature means more potential threats to your beloved pup. We know that keeping your Corgi baby safe is top priority, so here are our best 7 hot weather tips to keep your Corgi safe and comfy all summer long.

1. Leave Your Corgi at Home. 

Corgis have thick, coarse fur, which means they get hot easily.  You know what happens when your Corgi gets hot – he pants.  A lot.  Dogs cool themselves by panting, which precipitates convection; that is, their panting exchanges warm body temperature for cooler air outside.  But if the outside air isn’t significantly cooler than your Corgi’s body temp, their cooling system doesn’t work and they can get heatstroke.

Studies show that on a 75 degree day, temps inside a car (with windows cracked) can rise to 100 degrees in 10 minutes. Temps in dark colored cars can rise even more, reaching temps of 200 degrees!  Is taking your Corgi with you to the grocery store worth risking her life? Of course not. Leave your Corgi at home – with the A/C on.

2.  Keep Your Corgi Hydrated. 

All that heavy breathing takes a toll. Corgis lose moisture much faster than humans, so they should always have access to fresh, cool water. Deep bowls of cool water will stay chilled longer than shallow bowls. Pro tip:  Add ice to prolong the chill.

3.  Beware Your Corgi’s Paws.

All that beautiful new black asphalt that got laid during the spring is a heat magnet. The sun beats down on it and it gets really hot, really fast. The same goes for sand at the beach. Always check the surface of anywhere you plan to walk your Corgi – if it’s too hot for your bare feet then it’s too hot for your Corgi’s paws. If you can’t avoid walking your Corgi across a hot surface, invest in a product that protects the feet. If your Corgi doesn’t like the feel of protective covering such as boots, you can try a topical product such as Musher's Secret which creates a protective wax barrier between your Corgi’s paws and any surface they touch.

4.  Exercise Your Corgi When it’s Cool.

Exercise early in the morning or late at night when the sun is less intense. Even then, watch for signs of heat stress, some of which can include: excessive panting, increased salivation, glassy eyes, and pale gums. To keep bored pups occupied during the day, try making a “pupsicle”.   It will help keep your Corgi cool and occupied for hours.

5.  Maintain Your Corgi’s Coat.

A Corgi’s thick coat can actually help insulate them against the heat. Keep your Corgi’s coat clean and maintain it with a FURminator pet brush which removes thick undercoat while leaving the outer coat to protect their skin from sunburn. As long as air can circulate through the fur, this will help keep your pet cool.

6.  Keep Your Corgi Flea-Free.

Nothing is more miserable for your Corgi than to be flea-bitten and itchy. Summertime is prime time for fleas so make sure your Corgi is on a vet-recommended flea protocol.

7.  Do You Suspect Your Corgi has Heatstroke? 

If you think your Corgi has overheated, place cool (not ice cold, as this can do more harm!), wet washcloths on his head and neck, and cool compresses on his belly and under his back legs. Call your vet’s office immediately and seek their advice about next steps. Heatstroke can quickly lead to coma, cardiac arrest, and death, so don’t hesitate to seek veterinary attention as soon as possible.


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