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5 Thanksgiving Tips For You and Your Corgi

The calendar has turned another page, dear Corgi Lovers, and that means the holidays are bearing down on us at top speed! It seems like Halloween was just yesterday and we’re already prepping for Thanksgiving. Luckily, you still have a few weeks to get all of your plans organized, and we’re here to help with 5 Thanksgiving tips to ensure a safe and successful Thanksgiving celebration for you and your Corgi.

1.  Ensure Safe Travels. Are you and your Corgi road-tripping it this Thanksgiving?  Then make sure you plan accordingly. Your Corgi should have its own safe space in your car, and be restrained in a secured crate or buckled in with a harness.  Bring food, treats, water, and bowls plus any toys or blankets that will make your Corgi feel comfy and relaxed.  Make sure you take frequent breaks for potty and to stretch your Corgi’s legs. Above all, make sure your Corgi is wearing an ID tag with your current phone number and is microchipped and registered with your current information in a reputable database.

2.  Get a Sitter. If your Corgi isn’t traveling with you, make sure your Corgi has the best care. Research a reputable boarding facility or hire a pet sitter who is certified in pet first-aid and CPR, and check that they are bonded and insured. Always get several references. The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters maintains a database you can search for a certified professional pet sitter near you.

3.  Be a Gatekeeper. If you’re hosting Turkey Day at your place, make sure guests know not to leave doors open where your Corgi can escape. Supervise interactions between your Corgi and any children, or seclude your Corgi to a room where guests know they are off-limits.

4.  Decorate Wisely. If your Corgi has a tendency to be curious about new items, maybe skip the decorative foliage. The same goes for candles – be mindful of where an excited jump or a wagging tail can knock them over and cause injury or damage.

5.  Say “NO” to Table Scraps. Make sure your guests know that your Corgi absolutely cannot have table scraps. Turkey meat, stuffing and potatoes contain fats that are much too rich for a Corgi’s digestion, and desserts containing yeast (some pies, breads, and cakes) can make your Corgi sick. Poultry bones are also a definite no-no as they can splinter and cause grave injury or death. When the meal is finished, make sure you safely dispose of scraps into a trash receptacle that your Corgi can’t access.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your two-legged, and four-legged, family!   

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