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Adorable Dog-Themed Gifts for Mother's Day

For everything our moms do for us, every day should be Mother’s Day. During these challenging times, our moms are exceptionally busy doing all their regular mom stuff, plus a lot of extra things that they didn’t exactly sign up for. Teacher, cook, safety officer, family therapist, cheerleader, barber…the list goes on and on. That’s why this Mother’s Day, all moms deserve the royal treatment. Unfortunately, we’re not able to take them to brunch (but by all means make them brunch at home!), but we can certainly shower them with love, flowers, and an obscene amount of gifts! Whether your mom loves Corgis, Frenchies, or any and all dogs she ever sees, we have a fantastic line-up of gifts sure to delight. And since not all moms have hooman kids, these 5 adorable dog-themed gifts will make a great ‘thank you’ for all the nurturing mother figures in your life.

1. This adorable and sophisticated Frenchie Color Plant Pot will please even the chicest moms. A statement piece all on its own, you could also put three or more together to create a unique tablescape, dress up a bare shelf, or decorate a boring coffee table. And yes, it’s a planter, but it could also hold pens and pencils on your desk or makeup brushes on your vanity. So many options! It’s fabulous, just buy it already.

2. And when she takes her earrings off, give her a stylish place to set them with   this timeless French Bulldog Jewelry Dish. Its face is so adorably stern, she’ll smile every time she looks at it.

3. “Dear Mom, You are the light of my life; the rock that I cling to; the calm in the storm”: your opening line on one of these Dog-themed Letter Sets which you will present to your mom as a cute and delightful pre-gift. Yes, “pre-gift,” meaning, before more gifts. She is your mom.

4. While you’re cooking your mom’s brunch, you can wear this cheery Corgi Apron to make things extra festive. Some brunch ideas: eggs benedict, avocado toast, chicken and waffles, pancakes with fresh fruit, veggie frittata, shakshuka…and don’t forget to buy plenty of champagne for mimosas. When you’re done with brunch, wash the apron, fold it up, and put it away in your mom’s cabinet – she’s not your slave. Now clear up those brunch dishes – it’s time to start Mother’s Day dinner.


Need more gift ideas for your mom on Mother’s Day? You definitely need more gifts, as we’ve already established - - think of all she does for you! Here is a whole collection of Mother’s Day items she’ll love. Any of these will make an excellent seventh, eighth, or ninth Mother’s Day gift. Use discount code: MOMDAY for extra savings.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Hooman Moms, Corgi Moms, Frenchie Moms, and the people who love them! Give yourself the gift of self-care today. Until we can all be together again, stay safe and healthy, Corgi Lovers!

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