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A Corgi Lover’s Spring Checklist

The temperature is creeping up, the flowers are in bloom, and we’ve robbed ourselves of a precious hour’s sleep by turning the clocks ahead. This can only mean one thing: it’s Spring! While more sunshine brings promises of time spent outside with your Corgi sidekick, the warmer weather also means it’s time to check in on your Corgi’s routine and make necessary adjustments. From food to flea meds, here is your checklist for everything a Corgi Lover needs to ensure your Corgi is ready to take on the season.

  1. Change your Corgi’s food. Your Corgi may have aged a few years or gained a few pounds since you last evaluated their food. Or maybe your Corgi needs to eat more calories now that he’s getting outside. There are many reasons your Corgi’s food may need a second look and now is a great time to check your Corgi’s food and make sure it’s still meeting his needs. Petside has put together their top list of foods just for Corgis, and we also recommend checking which independently evaluates ingredients so you know exactly what your Corgi’s food contains. Remember though, before substantially changing your Corgi’s food, make sure to clear it with your vet. 
  2. Avoid allergens. Spring means that nature is reawakened and the whole world is alive…with pollen.  You might see a dull film on your car, or you might be sneezing more than usual - - that’s due to the wonderful fairy dust Mother Nature sprinkles on everything this time of year. Pollen can affect your Corgi too. Pollen on your Corgi’s coat can make him itch or sneeze, and he can track it into your house where it can continue to irritate both him and you.  Give your Corgi a bath or get him groomed and keep the allergens at bay by washing your Corgi’s bedding frequently. Thorough brushing after he’s been outside will also help keep irritants to a minimum.  
  3. Prevent pests. Do you know what else loves warm weather? Fleas and ticks. Springtime is prime time for these little buggers and contact with your Corgi can lead to all kinds of problems, including life-threatening heartworm. A pest prevention protocol is crucial to the health of your Corgi, so talk to your vet about which one is right for you and stick with it all year.
  4. Prepare for seasonal travel. Whether you’re spending spring break together or taking a weekend trip, now is the time to make sure your Corgi has everything he needs to travel safely. First and foremost, your Corgi should have an ID tag that clearly shows your current phone number. Make sure the tag is displayed on your Corgi’s collar and that the collar is in good shape and fits properly. Secondly, your Corgi should always travel in a way that constrains him safely – either in a secured crate or in a car harness specifically designed for his size and tested for safety.

With these tips, you and your Corgi should be ready to have a healthy and fun spring together. What other items would you add to your Corgi’s spring checklist? Let us know in the comments!



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