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New Product Line, "Customize," Inspired by YOUR Pet!

Your pet is the most charming, adorable pet in the world? We think so too! That’s why we’re sooo excited to announce the launch of our NEW, customizable product line. Featuring products personalized with your pet’s photo! 

How does it work? Simply upload a photo of your pet, choose a background, and our in-house artist gets to work creating your personalized design.  When the artist is finished with your design, it’s forwarded to you for final approval. Then, your masterpiece goes on the product of your choice and voilà, just like that, your cute pet’s portrait is front and center! 

The best part? You can choose from a wide variety of items to showcase your charismatic canine. Whatever kind of pet has stolen your heart, we can make into a work of art!

Just a few of our customizable pet products that you’ll want to grace with your pet’s image:

  • Customize Pillow: Cuddle up to this cushion for instant snuggle gratification or accessorize your couch with your irresistible pet’s likeness. Not a fan of Silk? Don't worry we have pillows in Fleece, or Sequin.

  • Customize Phone Case: Hello? Adorable cuteness calling! Everyone who sees it will want one, but yours is the only one. What's better you can get it on Matte/  Glass Finish.
  • Customize Blanket: Stay warm, cute, and cozy and you nestle in with a good book or a good movie.
  • Customize Canvas Bag: Take your smiles to go with your pet’s picture on this durable tote bag.
  • We are thrilled to be able to offer these exclusive customizable pet products to you, our beloved customers. We can’t wait to see all of your adorable pets and get started making one-of-a-kind creations of your special babies that you will treasure for many years to come!

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