ZIGGY - Corgi special jewelry - A very special gift to corgi lovers


The foundation of ZIGGY is in memory of its designer's beloved dog which has passed away. To preserve the happy memory between the designer and her dog, the brand ZIGGY was made. 

Her lovely, brave, and loyal dog will accompany everyone to explore and find out each beautiful moment in life and welcome every unknown challenge with its spirit of innovation and adventure. 

ZIGGY advocates to feel young and fashionable while expressing one's individuality. 

  • It's simple and concise
  • It's a return to nature
  • Its vivacity usually embodies a little rebellion and smartness

Getting rid of the complex and heavy feeling and dull stereotypes brought by traditional gold ornaments, ZIGGY presents the fashion and energy of 18k gold ornaments! 

  • Love
  • Braveness
  • Innovation
  • Breaking the norms of design


Designer Profile - Zoe Zong

" Finding your passion in life opens your eyes to the beauties this world has to offer us."

The designer, Zoe Zong, has received her bachelors degree from Beijing Film Academy, majoring in animation. Previously she served as an Art Director in many different game companies around LA area, and she has been developing her profession in design constantly. In her designs, she always challenges herself, and explores different ways of creation. Her career of jewelry design was established by her efforts of creating artistic products. 

In 2014, she founded two jewelry brands, ZIGGY and ZOEZONG. 

The three important spirits of these two brands are Vitality, Nature, and Creativeness, as Zoe loves traveling with her beloved dog Ziggy, and gets inspired by iconic sceneries, unique architectures, paintings, and sculptures. 

Zoe has achieved a successful career of jewelry design with appearances in: 

  • Sina
  • VOGUE Network
  • YOKA
  • Onlylady
  • ChinaLuxus
  • Tencent Fashion Network

In 2016, ZOE won the silver award of A' Design in an Italian Annual International Design competition. 

The Collaboration

As an ultimate corgi-lover, a random article about Zoe Zong has caught Angel's the attention ( the Founder of NAYOTHECORGI). After hours of research, Angel realized that the products of ZIGGY series are not available in the US market currently which she thinks is a big lost for all the corgi lovers in the region.

With her love for her dog NAYO and the corgi community, she tried hard to reach out to ZOE ZONG's team and proposed the collaboration. With the same affection to the corgis, the two female entreprenuers come into agreement quickly.

Here we present three of the most popular products sold by ZIGGY and hope that these precious pieces could bring very special memories to corgi lovers around us.