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Cheerful Corgi Plushy with Chinese Style Vest


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SKU: C00249


  • Plushy that could be hugged, laid on, displayed and even used for pillow fight
  • High quality material and PP Cotton stuffing
  • Covered with super short fiber with no shedding.
  • Vivid demonstration of the cheerfulness of corgi
  • Dimension: 8.75 x 5.25 x 5 (inches)
  • Weight: 0.28 LB
  • Benefits: 
    • Great Corgi Gift idea
    • Make your home feel more energized and warm
    • Perfect for new houses
    • Shout out your " dog lover", esp "corgi lover" identity to all your visitors
    • Improve your mood after every glance
    • Great conversation starter
    • Attract more dog lovers to be your friends
    • New friends for your corgi buddy, but make sure they don't get chewed




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